Farmhouse sink, Shaker doors, cherry cabinets, in a deep burgundy stain.

Established in 2016, but rooted in Ventura, CA since the 1950s, Native Oak comes from a heritage of cabinetmakers. Jay B. McCoy, the co-founder, is currently president of W.L. Rubottom Company and the grandson of its founder, Wilbur Rubottom. His family has been leading the cabinet industry in Southern California since 1946.

Keith Repult, the other co-founder, began his career building shelves. Before long he was one of the most successful businessmen in his industry. Since moving to Ventura and selling his business he has created Surf 'N Yogurt and built it into one of Ventura's best loved brands.

Native Oak is about bringing the old and the new together. Modern appliances and cabinet construction methods, old world craftsmanship, careful and diligent design. We will always cook and eat together, we will always gather in the kitchen. We will always make our family time our best time. We exist to make your home the sanctuary it should be - custom cabinetry for living.