Ventura Hill House

Excited to share this beautiful house with you

More information about this unique kitchen can be found here. But in the meantime, check out these photos from this gorgeous remodel utilizing laminate thermafoil cabinetry, butcher block tops, and laser etched dovetail drawers.

Bathroom Vanity Cabinet and OSHA

Inset Vanity Cabinet

I've been watching the construction of this bathroom cabinet. I confess to having a love of white oak cabinetry, but I'm pretty excited to see this cabinet finished and installed. Check back in for updates.

Van Nuys and OSHA

We were fortunate enough last spring to receive a visit from OSHA. Every manufacturer lives in fear of those visits, but the reality is that employee safety is the most important thing. We are all in this together for our livelihood, and it's government entities like OSHA that help keep us manufacturers accountable and aware of the need to protect our employees. Yesterday I went to Van Nuys, CA for an informal conference with OSHA, and I am pleased to say it went well. Also, OSHA in Van Nuys has a cool courtyard view from their office.

The view of the building's courtyard from OSHA's Van Nuys, CA office.

The view of the building's courtyard from OSHA's Van Nuys, CA office.

Finding a place where everything has its place

I think everyone could use a space where your thinking is done, where things are in the right place, and there is a place for every thing. For Sam, it's her closet. Read more here...

Dianne Keaton and Jack Nicholson, we found your Ventura retirement spot

Sometimes I get carried away, but I like to imagine that Jack and Dianne really got together after "Something's Gotta Give." And they decided to move to Pierpont in Ventura. If so, we found their perfect house!

My memory of the house in that movie is of bookshelves and a classic kitchen, lit by the natural light from the beach and the ocean. The neutral colors and shades of white enhance that unique beach sunlight. Of course that house was in the Hamptons, but this gorgeous house in the Ventura neighborhood of Pierpont is classic California. Native Oak was able to partner with the owners in creating the kitchen, closets, bathroom, garage, laundry, and pantry. 

The rest of the photos from this Pierpont gem can be found here.

And just for fun, check out the "Something's Gotta Give" trailer.  

Native Oak Featured in Ventana Magazine

Our co-owner, Keith Repult, has finished his custom home in Pierpont and it is featured in Ventana Magazine! We like to think of the beautiful kitchens and closets in their home as "show-rooms", but that's just an excuse to hang out there more often.

Of course we already hinted at this house in an earlier post, but now it has finally been completed and Keith and family have moved in.

In more exciting news, we hired the amazing Raya Carlisle to photography the house for us. So stay tuned for some amazing photos.

Native Oak Design Center

Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose. 
Charles Eames

Charles Eames is one of my design heroes. I believe in the simplicity of design, but I also know that custom kitchens and closets are complicated. So we are revamping our Design Center to help create simple looking designs, that meet the purpose (a beautiful kitchen) without technical or design errors.

Our goal is to give our designers and our customers a place to sit down with plans, samples, drawings, and a computer, to put the design together. For a good kitchen or cabinetry project design, it's important that all the details are handled properly. We're creating a space for our customers and our designers to work together so that the project can be designed properly from the beginning.

Go to to set up an appointment with us. We'll have coffee ready for you!

Betty Draper, we found your new spot in Midtown Ventura

This time-machine kitchen is ready for Don and Betty Draper to entertain some guests! Check out more information here:

From the Shop Floor #6

A Table Masquerading as a Vanity

From the shop floor - this table with mortise and tenon legs which is to become a vanity with a granite top. Stay tuned for updates on this piece!

Sep 8, 2016 Update: the table/vanity has been painted and shipped!

From the Shop Floor #5

Bench Seating in a Cabinet Shop?

Benches and banquettes are a great use of space, especially if you have school age kids. I don't know about you, but my dining room table is covered in homework, pencils, books, erasers, and markers from September through June every year. A cushioned bench is a perfect place to do that homework.

Today, walking through the shop, I spotted this interesting bench that has three sides and two angles. I'll be curious to see how this beast installs!

From the Shop Floor #4

Gray painted Shaker cabinets, in process.

Sometimes, when I'm walking through the shop I see something interesting and I snap a few photos. Painted cabinets have always been popular, but what I think drives the popularity now for factory finished painted cabinets is the ability to get a mirror like finish on the product. The flawless factory finish combined with the organic feel of paint on wood strikes a perfect balance of a wood product that you would want to use every day.

I'm really pleased with our painted cabinet. We have a great partnership with CalDoor and our painting/finish professional is top-notch. Another kitchen I am anxious to see in real life. Custom cabinetry for living.

Coming Soon - Native Oak's Pierpont Beach Open House!

Pierpont Beach in Ventura, CA is one of the best neighborhoods in town.

  • Quick access to the bike path which winds along the Pacific, downtown Ventura, C-Street and Surfer's Point, and connects to the Ojai Bike Trail
  • Proximity to Surf-n-yogurt, of course
  • Marina Park
  • Gorgeous beaches of all types

We are fortunate enough to have Pierpont Beach as the location of one of our first installations. The homeowners and Native Oak are working together to create a gorgeous modern beach house kitchen, and will be inviting local homeowner, designers, and contractors to tour the completed house. If you're interested, sign up below and we will email you when the date is set.

Keep Track of the Pierpont Project Here:

Where Will You Find Native Oak Cabinets?

We are all over Southern California. Right now we are working on projects in:


One of the reasons we located our business in Ventura, CA (aside from the fact that it is the perfect place to live) is so we could reach the diverse areas that make the South Coast such a great area in which to live and do business.

Live where you work, work where you live. Custom cabinetry for living.

From the Shop Floor #2

Blue Island End

Shop photos aren't sexy. There is no special lighting or clean counters. A photo from the shop floor is, however, a quick example of what we build every day for our customers. Generally, they strike me when I'm walking through the shop, and I take a quick picture for myself. Sometimes I will choose to share it.

Beautiful end cabinet with dovetail drawers on a custom kitchen island in Westlake, CA.


How is a Production Cabinet Shop Run

Running a cabinet business is more than collecting the right equipment and building boxes. It's more than ordering wood and designing layouts on a computer. There are shops that generate high quality cabinets efficiently that consist of a table saw and hand tools, and there are mega shops that have the latest state of the art equipment, and churn out junk.

So what is the secret sauce?

A production cabinet company must know what it has, what it needs, how much it needs, and when it needs it. A production cabinet company must know how to maximize its use of material to facilitate the design at hand. But a custom cabinet company knows that the details drive the design.

Cutting corners and taking design shortcuts are not options.

When Keith and I purchased Closet Crafters and created Native Oak, I was confident. This isn't to say that I am vain or feel like I know everything about running a cabinet company, but based on my experience I had the ability to look at the product, the crew, and the facility, and envision what it can do.

Ideal Location


I could see that from its location in the heart of Ventura, CA, Native Oak would be able to reach a broad workforce and find the right employees with the right skills. And it could reach the customers that need the precision level of cabinetry a modern custom shop can offer.

Equipped to Build

I could see from its equipment that with a few strategic purchases, it could produce a quality cabinet that is on a par with anything else produced in Southern California. And I could see in the crew, from the designers, to the craftsman, to the installers, that Native Oak would compete on quality, timeliness, and price against any company out there.

What does this have to do with 'Heritage'?

The answer: everything, and nothing. My heritage is in cabinetry. It's what my grandfather, father, uncles, cousin, and I have done. We make - but mostly we enable others to make. It is something that can be learned, I know because I learned later in life how to do it. But I also know that I learned it on the backs of those in my family that came before me. So when I walked into Closet Crafters for the first time, I knew it could become Native Oak, Inc -- the place to go in Southern California for the cabinets in your home - custom cabinetry for living.