Dianne Keaton and Jack Nicholson, we found your Ventura retirement spot

Sometimes I get carried away, but I like to imagine that Jack and Dianne really got together after "Something's Gotta Give." And they decided to move to Pierpont in Ventura. If so, we found their perfect house!

My memory of the house in that movie is of bookshelves and a classic kitchen, lit by the natural light from the beach and the ocean. The neutral colors and shades of white enhance that unique beach sunlight. Of course that house was in the Hamptons, but this gorgeous house in the Ventura neighborhood of Pierpont is classic California. Native Oak was able to partner with the owners in creating the kitchen, closets, bathroom, garage, laundry, and pantry. 

The rest of the photos from this Pierpont gem can be found here.

And just for fun, check out the "Something's Gotta Give" trailer.