East End Ventura Transformation

This wonderful Ventura family welcomed us into their home and trusted us to help them renew it. The results are just lovely. This is why we do this, to make our customers' homes full of light, life, and comfort. We teamed up with Raya Carlisle for these spectacular photos. Check out all the photos and some of the design logic here.


Native Oak Featured in Ventana Magazine

Our co-owner, Keith Repult, has finished his custom home in Pierpont and it is featured in Ventana Magazine! We like to think of the beautiful kitchens and closets in their home as "show-rooms", but that's just an excuse to hang out there more often.

Of course we already hinted at this house in an earlier post, but now it has finally been completed and Keith and family have moved in.

In more exciting news, we hired the amazing Raya Carlisle to photography the house for us. So stay tuned for some amazing photos.

Native Oak Design Center

Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose. 
Charles Eames

Charles Eames is one of my design heroes. I believe in the simplicity of design, but I also know that custom kitchens and closets are complicated. So we are revamping our Design Center to help create simple looking designs, that meet the purpose (a beautiful kitchen) without technical or design errors.

Our goal is to give our designers and our customers a place to sit down with plans, samples, drawings, and a computer, to put the design together. For a good kitchen or cabinetry project design, it's important that all the details are handled properly. We're creating a space for our customers and our designers to work together so that the project can be designed properly from the beginning.

Go to to set up an appointment with us. We'll have coffee ready for you!