East End Ventura Transformation

This wonderful Ventura family welcomed us into their home and trusted us to help them renew it. The results are just lovely. This is why we do this, to make our customers' homes full of light, life, and comfort. We teamed up with Raya Carlisle for these spectacular photos. Check out all the photos and some of the design logic here.


Native Oak Featured in Ventana Magazine

Our co-owner, Keith Repult, has finished his custom home in Pierpont and it is featured in Ventana Magazine! We like to think of the beautiful kitchens and closets in their home as "show-rooms", but that's just an excuse to hang out there more often.

Of course we already hinted at this house in an earlier post, but now it has finally been completed and Keith and family have moved in.

In more exciting news, we hired the amazing Raya Carlisle to photography the house for us. So stay tuned for some amazing photos.

Betty Draper, we found your new spot in Midtown Ventura

This time-machine kitchen is ready for Don and Betty Draper to entertain some guests! Check out more information here:

Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse Sinks a Simple Beauty

What is it about the farmhouse sink? I think it reminds us that the preparation of food and eating together is essential to who we are. The simplicity of the farmhouse sink is both functional and beautiful. It is, simply, a sink. There is no double basin. There is no division. Just a sink and a faucet, and you are left to deal with it.

Simple Structure, Complex Design

Preparing a cabinet for a farmhouse sink, however, isn't so simple. Because of their weight and the complexity of fitting it, we at Native Oak always ask our customer to bring the sink in to our shop. We will carefully unbox it, create a template of it, and custom cut out the front face of the cabinet to get a precise fit of the sink. Additionally, we will build the cabinet to support the weight of the sink (plus the dishes, and the water!) To get technical, we use 3/4" plywood for the sink cabinet, we dado a double shelf into the sides of the cabinet and reinforce that shelf with additional bracing to ensure it is well supported.

Oak Cabinetry in Carpinteria

From W.L. Rubottom Co., one of my favorite installations in Carpinteria, CA. The striking white oak cabinetry in the slate blue, burgundy, and honey colors create a warm and beautiful environment. The solid oak Revere doors are a perfect choice for this kitchen; their simple straight lines allow the beauty of the colors, the lighting, and the avocado trees just outside the window to be the stars. In particular, the farm house style sink is well used here. The contrasting cabinet color and the legs on the sink emphasize the strength of the farm house sink, helping it to hold its own against the range.

This is a kitchen that is designed for living.