Work in Process

From the Shop Floor #6

A Table Masquerading as a Vanity

From the shop floor - this table with mortise and tenon legs which is to become a vanity with a granite top. Stay tuned for updates on this piece!

Sep 8, 2016 Update: the table/vanity has been painted and shipped!

From the Shop Floor #5

Bench Seating in a Cabinet Shop?

Benches and banquettes are a great use of space, especially if you have school age kids. I don't know about you, but my dining room table is covered in homework, pencils, books, erasers, and markers from September through June every year. A cushioned bench is a perfect place to do that homework.

Today, walking through the shop, I spotted this interesting bench that has three sides and two angles. I'll be curious to see how this beast installs!

From the Shop Floor #4

Gray painted Shaker cabinets, in process.

Sometimes, when I'm walking through the shop I see something interesting and I snap a few photos. Painted cabinets have always been popular, but what I think drives the popularity now for factory finished painted cabinets is the ability to get a mirror like finish on the product. The flawless factory finish combined with the organic feel of paint on wood strikes a perfect balance of a wood product that you would want to use every day.

I'm really pleased with our painted cabinet. We have a great partnership with CalDoor and our painting/finish professional is top-notch. Another kitchen I am anxious to see in real life. Custom cabinetry for living.