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Where Will You Find Native Oak Cabinets?

We are all over Southern California. Right now we are working on projects in:


One of the reasons we located our business in Ventura, CA (aside from the fact that it is the perfect place to live) is so we could reach the diverse areas that make the South Coast such a great area in which to live and do business.

Live where you work, work where you live. Custom cabinetry for living.

From the Shop Floor #2

Blue Island End

Shop photos aren't sexy. There is no special lighting or clean counters. A photo from the shop floor is, however, a quick example of what we build every day for our customers. Generally, they strike me when I'm walking through the shop, and I take a quick picture for myself. Sometimes I will choose to share it.

Beautiful end cabinet with dovetail drawers on a custom kitchen island in Westlake, CA.