Montecito Kitchen Remodel - Collaboration

A Team Effort Between Three of Ventura's Premier Interior Companies


This gorgeous full kitchen and bathroom remodel in Montecito, CA was a collaboration between Native Oak, Alyssa Daly of Designs Daly and QCP Construction. Both companies do great work and represent Ventura County and Santa Barbara County really well. Much of the cabinetry design was actually done by Alyssa, and we were tasked with executing her particular vision. Photos by Raya Carlisle.

Long runs of unbroken cabinetry

Rather than building many smaller cabinets, we chose a face frame design in which the cabinets are continuous throughout the run.


Unique Overlay

Typical overlay on cabinetry is either full overlay (no gaps), or 1/2" overlay (large gaps). The overlay on these cabinets is between the two. So there is a reveal or gap, but it's smaller than usual. This gives the cabinetry a casual feel without being rustic.


East End Ventura Transformation

This wonderful Ventura family welcomed us into their home and trusted us to help them renew it. The results are just lovely. This is why we do this, to make our customers' homes full of light, life, and comfort. We teamed up with Raya Carlisle for these spectacular photos. Check out all the photos and some of the design logic here.