A Classic Coastal Home in the Pierpont Ventura Neighborhood

We've been excited to share this home with you. The Ventura beach community of Pierpont is near and dear to our hearts, and this is a special installation for Native Oak. The timeline of this custom home echoes the timeline of Native Oak as a business, and we've been working with the owners from the very beginning. We decided to hire local rockstar photographer, Raya Carlisle, for the installation because we knew the photos needed to be perfect to convey the beauty, details, and the careful design that went into it.

Beauty and details - these wood shelves add a nice little touch

Making use of accessories

Our designers and owners were intimately involved in the layout and function of the kitchen, bathrooms, closets, pantry, and laundry. It was the vision of the owners that we were endeavoring to realize with our designs, and I think we were able to capture what they wanted in the end product.

It was important to the owners that the kitchen not only seamlessly integrate with the house and be beautiful, but that it is functional as well. So we carefully planned to use some of the newest kitchen cabinet accessories to maximize their space.

Making use of awkward space - this cabinet next to the range was too small to be useful, but this accessory pullout solved that

Solving a tricky corner

No one likes a dead corner. We used this pull-out to solve it.