Up From the Ashes

We built it once, it burned in the Thomas Fire, we built it better the second time

In the fall of 2017 we completed this beautiful kitchen which shortly thereafter burned in the Thomas Fire.

The morning after the fire.

The morning after the Thomas Fire passed through Ventura there was no car access up into the hills where the fire did its damage. Family members who lived in the hills were out of town and unsure of what had happened to their homes, so I rode my bike up into the neighborhoods to assess. Of the hundreds of homes lost, one was this home we had completed just a month before.

Panoramic view from the location of the house the day after the fire.

Rebuilt and Occupied!

Gray and white thermafoil cabinets, corner sink

Gray and white thermafoil cabinets, corner sink

Resiliency of Ventura

Not long after the fire had been extinguished and before the rebuild had really picked up any momentum, the owner and the contractor contacted us about rebuilding exactly as we had before with a few minor changes. We were, of course, excited to be part of the Ventura rebuild and worked with them to be one of the first homes on the hill to successfully achieve occupancy after the Thomas Fire.

Thanks to MSI Construction for the opportunity to redo this kitchen, and Raya Carlisle for the photos.