From the Shop Floor #2

Blue Island End

Shop photos aren't sexy. There is no special lighting or clean counters. A photo from the shop floor is, however, a quick example of what we build every day for our customers. Generally, they strike me when I'm walking through the shop, and I take a quick picture for myself. Sometimes I will choose to share it.

Beautiful end cabinet with dovetail drawers on a custom kitchen island in Westlake, CA.

How are we different? We design, build, and install.

Your kitchen is where you build your memories. It's the first place you go when you come home from work. It's the last place you go before you go to bed. It's where your sustenance comes from. Your kitchen is where your family gathers before school, after school. It's where you are when your neighbor calls.

Native Oak understands that the room that forms the heart of the home has to function, but it also has to have an inherent beauty. Much of what we focus on as a business is how to achieve efficiency in our cabinetry design without sacrificing beauty. Or, put another way, how do we make your kitchen functional, environmentally safe, and beautiful in a way that brings you pleasure when you walk in the room and pride of ownership when you are entertaining.

The answer to that question is in the design. We will walk you through the design stages. If you have a question about where to put your appliances, ask us! Just don't be put off if we have REALLY strong opinions, because we have done what most people simply have not had the opportunity to do: we have remodeled and built from new thousands of kitchens, bathrooms, and closets.

The soul of a good kitchen is in its design. What makes us different, is that we build what we design. And we build it in Ventura, CA, where we live.